I'm Thomas.   :  )

I like making random projects.

Here are my two most recent ones:


Governance is an open source Java plugin that I designed, developed and released by myself over the course of a one month challenge.

30 Days of Writing

Throughout the month of June 2019, I challenged myself to write and publish a unique piece of content every day.

(Psst: There are 10 additional projects on my portfolio page)

About Me

A good place to start if you have no clue who I am.


The history of my projects; both successes and failures.


Sometimes I write guides, blabber on about projects, and other misc. stuff.

Here's a short documentary about my life. (It's actually just a slide show explaining why you should hire me)

The best ways to get in touch with me are through LinkedIn and email. I check them regularly and will reply to all contact requests within one business day.

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