Apprenticeship Weekly Updates

Clever Title – Apprenticeship Weeks 9 & 10

Here's a random pic of the SF skyline at night. Every post of mine has had a picture, so I feel like this one has to as well. : )

It's been a busy couple of weeks at Upgrow. In the last post, I mentioned that our PPC director (a crucial part of the team and backbone of the company) has moved on, which shifted a large portion of his workload onto me. Although we're all still...adjusting from his departure, it actually happened at a pretty good time: almost all of our clients are on holiday right now.

This has given me an excellent opportunity to study up on the new clients that were recently transferred to me, and get a better understanding of what my new work-load is like. Truth be told, I'm quite unqualified to be the only person working many of our client's accounts. Our clients are putting a lot of trust (and money) into the hands of some unknown intern who may or may not actually know what he's doing. Actually, our biggest client straight up told us that they preferred that interns (aimed at me, the only intern) not work on their account. That was a fun meeting (not). The best part is that I still get to work on their account, just behind the scenes.

However, this is the kind of responsibility I had hoped for when I joined Upgrow. Yes, I'm "unqualified" on paper, but that doesn't matter. Our clients pay us for results, and my bosses assigned me to these clients because they trust I can deliver them. I'd like to think I'm getting pretty good at this digital marketing thing, especially Google Ads.

Now that I think about it, they also assigned me these clients because they have no other choice. After our PPC director left, I'm literally the only person available to work on the accounts assigned to me... I'm just going to choose to see this in an optimistic way: If my bosses really wanted to, they could have transferred these accounts to themselves, not me. After all, I think I'm doing pretty well at Upgrow.

Here are some random accomplishments since my last post:

      • Held my very first solo client meeting (just me and the client; no help from my bosses)
      • Launched about ~10 new campaigns across Google Ads, Twitter Ads, and Facebook ads for many different clients.
      • Convinced one of our clients to raise their monthly advertising budget (we get paid a % of their monthly spend, so we basically got a raise)

Now for something a bit pessimistic: These past few weeks have been very BLEH. All of these account transitions have been overwhelming and I can't wait for this transition period to be over. I'm not sure how much more I can take. If any PPC directors are reading this post, Upgrow is hiring!

...Side note: 2019 has been the best year of my life and I can't wait for 2020.