30 Day Writing Challenge

The Driver’s Seat Mindset

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone that is passionately explaining their dreams/ambitions to you, but they end up making excuses as to why it "just isn't meant to be"? They want to reach their goal so badly, but there always seems to be someone/something keeping them from reaching it. I hear complaints like this all the time: "I would, but now just isn't a good time to start" or "I really want to, but I just don't have the money". It's never their own fault as to why they can't accomplish their goal; there's always some excuse. As someone that desperately wants to see every human reach their full potential, I absolutely despise conversations like that.

The first step to achieving something is to realize that it's actually possible and that anything standing in your way is just an excuse. There is no "outside force" controlling certain aspects of your life. Not the government, not your parents, not your boss, not anyone or anything. You are in control of every decision in your life. Every outcome of a decision is your fault. Until you acknowledge these facts, any actions that you take towards reaching your ambition are not genuine. If you want something bad enough, nothing should stand in your way. If state laws or regulations are preventing you from starting your dream business, move. If you want a more fulfilling career but your boss/manager is holding you back, quit your job and find a new one. Short on money? Take a close look at your spendings and see what you can cut. Too busy? Stop spending time on things that aren't fulfilling. It's possible, just do something about it.

However, if it were so easy, we would all just "do something about it". Adopting the driver's seat mindset is difficult, and even scary. It's scary because we don't want to take the blame for the bad things that happen. It's easier, and sometimes even logical, to complain and blame other people. However, if you decide that everything is your fault, even if it logically is not, life becomes easier and happier. When you believe that someone else is in control, you feel helpless and depressed. When you believe that no one else is in control and that you're in the driver's seat, things start to click.

You are not a helpless observer of your own life. You're in the driver's seat; act like it.