Filling My Plate – Apprenticeship Week 3

It was yet another busy week for me. However, unlike last week, it was definitely more of a "chaotic" kind of busy. Every other day of the week, I was given some sort of reoccurring task or responsibility that I need to look after. This is obviously a good thing when it comes to my progress within the company, but I'm starting to learn my limits. Exciting! Before I get into the problem (and my solution), here's a picture from a real-estate event that I got to help my boss with outside of work.

A real-estate event that I happily helped my boss with outside of work.
A real-estate event that I happily helped my boss with outside of work.

That was pretty much the only fun thing I did outside of work, so let's get into my work week!

I didn't think this was possible, but I might be "progressing" too quickly. For the first two weeks, I sought responsibilities from my co-workers and frequently asked them if they could use help with anything. Now, I'm at the point where some of my co-workers come to me when they need something. I'm extremely excited that this is the case (it's what I wanted, after all), but there's just one problem: I'm becoming way too busy and don't know how to say no to people.

My solution? Work more!

I'm kidding (mostly). Although I have been working pretty long hours since starting here, I realize that "working more" is only a temporary solution. Eventually,  I'll reach a boiling point where I can't take any more, even though I happen to enjoy working a lot. Still, for the sake of my sanity, I'm setting a limit that I can't work more than 10 hours a day.

My goal is to continue working extra hours until I finish all of the non-reoccurring tasks that I already said "yes" to. While that's going on, I'll evaluate how much free time I actually have to take on new tasks. And sadly, from this point on, I'm going to have to start saying "no" (politely) when someone asks me for help.

Now that I've laid out some plans for the coming week, here are some highlights from last week:

      • Learned a ton of helpful Excel formulas.
      • Optimized our website's chatbot to increase the overall number of chat requests.
      • Analyzed a client's Google PPC keywords and found room for improvements (Should help decrease their spend without affecting performance)
      • Set up a Facebook advertising campaign (mostly from scratch) for one of our new clients.
      • Learned A TON about the Google Ads platform.

Although I'm busy, I'm definitely enjoying it. Every week is different, and that's how I like it. : )

That's pretty much all I feel like writing. Until next week!