Getting Settled In – Apprenticeship Week 2

It was another busy week for me. However, it was definitely a "predictable" busy and not "chaotic" busy, which is nice. Anyways, today, I moved out of my temporary Airbnb and into my semi-permanent residence. I feel like I got a good deal on the rent, however, it's a little over an hour's commute to work, so there are definitely pros and cons.

It's been two weeks, and I'm happy to say that I still enjoy the long train rides to work. They give me a lot of time to mentally prepare for the workday, which is a must! Since I'm generally in the office for 10 hours each day (and a few hours during the weekend, by choice), my mind is constantly thinking about work. I use that hour-long commute to clear my mind and plan out my days; it's great.

Depending on when I get home, I usually have about 2 hours before I go to bed and do it all again. I'm a little bummed that I don't have more "free time", but this has given me a great chance to really organize and make each day productive. However, on the weekends, I try to do something fun. See below.

This morning's scenic view from the Marin Headlands
Yesterday's Bay Area Praxis Meetup

Now that I've rambled a bit about my personal life, let's cover what I did at work this week. Things are just now starting to "click". I wouldn't yet say I've got the hang of things, but progress is definitely being made; and fast.

Similar to last week, I handled quite a few miscellaneous tasks this week, which I really enjoyed. But for the sake of being more specific: I attended my very first ever client meeting, which is a monthly call we do with each of our clients to update them on what we've been working on. I hardly said a word during that call, but it was more than interesting to simply be a fly on the wall. I now have a much better idea of the client relations aspect of our company, which is super valuable.

Additionally, I was assigned two clients, which are now my responsibility. I won't mention their names, but I will be managing and overseeing their ad campaigns from now on. To be completely honest, I feel as if I'm too new of an employee to be taking on such a responsibility. I didn't receive any training on our ad management platform but was simply expected to figure it out. This was extremely refreshing and is actually how I prefer to learn things, but it definitely isn't what I expected.  Of course, if my boss thinks I can handle it, this can only be a good thing. And truth is, I absolutely can handle it; I'm pretty sure I've been doing a great job!

That's about it for this week. This might be too ambitious of a goal, but next week, I want to be fully "settled" at my new job. I want to know the ins-and-outs and be comfortable with all of the predictable tasks.

I don't know how to end blog posts. Then again, this isn't like a homework assignment or anything, so I can write how I please. : )