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How Club Penguin Fueled My Ambitions

"Club Penguin? ...Really?". I realize how "cringey" this might sound, but it's the truth; Club Penguin had a significant impact on my life, whether I'm comfortable admitting it or not. Let me explain!

To most players, Club Penguin was just another way of having fun and socializing on the internet. But to me (and thousands of others), CP was much more than that. Let me introduce to you, the hidden world of Club Penguin Armies.

ACP, an "army" I was in. The largest and most dominant army to ever waddle CP island.

A Club Penguin army was a coordinated group of players that "battled" other armies in order to dominate the server list. The "soldiers" of each army attended training sessions, battles, and tournaments in order to climb the ranks. As a "soldier", I did this for a while but eventually made the decision to start an army of my own.

I was 9 years old and had absolutely no clue what I was getting into. Little did I know that by creating my first Club Penguin website, I would discover passions of mine that I would pursue for the rest of my life.

So, what did I learn from my time playing Club Penguin?

I learned that I LOVED creating stuff. Over the next fear years, I went crazy. I created armies, CP graphic design shops, and even a CP news site. Most of these failed, but I didn't care; I was having fun and was learning a lot. The majority of my CP websites were deleted long ago, but my most successful army (the "Mysterious Raiders") seems to have left its mark on the internet.

Club Penguin is also what introduced me to graphic design, another passion of mine. Before Club Penguin, the only graphic design tool I'd ever used was MS Paint! But because of the first Club Penguin graphics shop I created back in 2010, I went on to try my hand at designing game sprites, creating animated banners, advertisements, and worked other creative freelance jobs.

Maybe this is just the nostalgia speaking, but in many ways, I think of Club Penguin as my "origin story". Looking back, I can clearly see that the CP projects I worked on from nearly 10 years ago have helped shape who I am today.