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Learning From Successful Marketing Copy

As an avid Gary V follower, I often hear the phrase "marketers ruin everything". Although it mostly refers to how marketers flood newly discovered platforms with advertisements, it's based on the simple fact that they're great at what they do: get things sold. In this post, I'll be doing a deep dive into good marketing copy in order to learn what makes it successful.

I decided to examine the marketing copy of a popular organizing tool called Todoist. After analyzing each key tactic used by Todoist, I'll break them down into a formula that can be used on any other product or service. Let's get into it!

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The first thing that I noticed is how well the viewer's attention is focused on the main point. Because they use a simple color scheme and keep the buttons off to the side, their page is distraction free.

Look at the image above and see how simple their main page is. When a user clicks onto their website for the first time, the first thing they're likely to read are the words "Organize life". In just two simple words, Todoist manages to explain what it is their software does and get their main point across.

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The next strategy Todoist uses isn't as obvious at first, but the more you scroll down on their website, the more noticeable this theme becomes: Todoists addresses common negative emotions and associates their product with positive emotions. Most humans make decisions based on emotions, and Todoists clearly realizes this. Much of the copywriting throughout their website includes emotion-based marketing, with the most obvious example being: "Todoist takes all this pressure and worrying off of your head".

After addressing the problem that their product solves, Todoist goes on the explain what makes them a credible company in order to earn the user's trust.

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In order to convey themselves as a respected company, Todoist lists other respected companies that have used their product. Right off the bat, every user should be able to recognize a few of the companies on their page and feel a bit safer with the product. To establish additional trust on a more personal level, Todoist also includes a testimonial from Matija Biljeskovic, the founder of BalkanViator.

The final tactic I noticed is that there is very little text overall. Every sentence is condensed into as few words as possible but still gets their point across. People make decisions quickly in the age of the internet, and Todoist realizes that, while online, our attention spans are shorter than normal. In order to keep their user's attention, they keep sentences short and to the point.

I lot can be learned from Todoists's main strategies. As a recap, here are the four main The main strategies that Todoist used above can be compiled into this simple formula:

Todoist's Winning Copywriting Formula:

      • Focus attention on the main point(s)
      • Appeal to the viewer's emotions
      • Establish trust and credibility
      • Keep things short and to the point

However, this formula doesn't just work for Todoist. To prove that it can be applied to other products and services, here is a simple example of this formula being applied to a product from my own business.


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