Minecon Central

Minecon Central was an information-based website that I created back in 2015. Before each year's Minecraft convention was announced, there were always plenty of rumors as well as some misinformation surround the event. The goal of this website was to provide as much useful information as possible to the thousands of curious Minecraft fans wondering when and where Minecon would be held each year.

Needless to say, that goal was met. Minecon Central impacted thousands and thousands of people and was a huge success.

Statistics are one thing, but the best way to prove that Minecon Central had a positive impact is through the many comments that my most popular guide received. The guide was about the best (fastest) way to obtain Minecon tickets before they sold out, which usually happened within seconds. Even though I closed the website long ago, I saved these comments since they meant a lot to me.   : )

"Huge thanks Thomas, reading your guide totally prepped me for fast clicking & checkout! Was able to snag 4 tickets, my daughter and her bestie are gonna go out of their minds when we surprise them :) Our Minecraft crazy daughter had a bit of a rough year that included a series of brain surgeries. She’s doing great now but while in-hospital she was stuck in bed for over a month. Minecraft helped her smile and build away just like she was at home lol even had her neurosurgeon building with her a few times. So thank you for this site and all the work you put into it, you’ve totally brightened the lives of many and we are forever thankful <3"

Joining the ecstatic group of people who want to say “thank you” to Thomas for putting this guide together. There’s no way we would have gotten tickets if we hadn’t read this guide. I think that having a fast computer and fast connection is really the key. You should get paid to do this! We had 5 computers going and two of us got in. Thanks again!

THANK YOU so much for the awesome ticket purchasing guide! We were able to get 4 tickets on 1st batch day and 4 tickets on 2nd batch day. We had 3 people trying and multiple devices going for each batch. Only one person/computer got through each day. Success!!!!! Yay!!!! You may have helped us win parents of the year. ;-)

Those were just three of the 107 comments, and that's just from one post. Minecon Central was perhaps the project that made me realize how much I love helping people.