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Shortly after reaching the legal age of 18, I started my first official business, Tacticorps LLC. I've created many businesses in the past, but none of them have come close to the success of Tacticorps. Sure, I've learned lots of different things from my different business, but nothing has been quite as educational as this one. I learned how to negotiate with foreign suppliers, design product labels, import goods through U.S. customs, market my products, partner with local businesses run advertisement campaigns, and so much more. So how did it all start?

It started very soon after I became "fed up" with a business concept called drop-shipping. I really like the idea of bringing physical products to customers through e-commerce, but I hated the fact that I had very little control of logistics and customization.

After traveling across the ocean, my very first import was finally at my house.

Three prototypes I designed before launching my first product.

A bulk shipment to one of my local customers.

More of my supplies/boxes.

Although my definition of success is usually solely based on how much I learned, this business saw monetary success as well. Take a look!

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It's very easy to say "I own a business that does $1K / month" without telling you the full financial story. Obviously, my revenue is not all profit. Not that this bothers me in any way, but my margins are actually quite low for both of the products I launched. To be completely honest, it took quite a while for profit started coming in. Just wanted to be transparent. : )