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Self Improvement Goals

When I graduated from high school about a year ago, I embarked on a never-ending journey to become a better version of myself. The goal is to be someone that I can be 100% proud of. I don’t know if it’s possible to completely achieve this goal, but it doesn’t matter; my intent is to become better, not perfect. Starting down this new path, I began researching the internet for tips, looking for role models, and reading lots of books. This helped me form a clear vision of who I want to be. There are two main reasons that I’m writing this post. One: It serves as a public list of goals that will hold me accountable as I grow. Two: It is something I can look back on throughout the years to see how far I’ve come. Although there are many characteristics that I hope to obtain, I have narrowed it down to the top five traits that I want to be rooted in my reputation.


I’m a firm believer in the fact that people are influenced by those around them. Unfortunately, there are periods of time where I am surrounded by pessimistic, toxic, and negative people. However, I often spend time with optimistic, happy, and positive people as well. When I observe both the positive and negative people around me, it’s very clear to me which of them I want to be influenced by. Who is more grateful for the people/things around them? Who is more responsible and in control of their life? Who seems more happy in general? It’s always the positive one. I want to be a completely optimistic and positive person that is is more relaxed, refuses to blame others, and brightens the lives of everyone around them. I am inspired by people who live their lives in that way and will strive to be one of them. Although I’ve got a long way to go, I have already learned that choosing to see the ‘glass half full’ is most definitely a choice.


“You can count on me!” are words that I want deeply ingrained into my vocabulary. Stability, consistency, and trustworthiness are the nuts and bolts of a reliable person. When a task is given to someone who is reliable, the person who gave the task feels at ease and is confident that the task will be taken care of. That is the feeling I want my co-workers, supervisors, and friends to have when they come to me with something important. I want to be the pillar of responsibility for the people in my life to lean on. I’m not quite there yet, but the few “tastes” at what being reliable feels like has been enough to keep me going.


I have very ambitious life goals, which could actually become a big problem if I don’t play my cards right. The more I accomplish, the more my fear of becoming arrogant grows. Growing up in a flashy pop-culture world, I must be cautious not to be influenced by the “big names” out there with even bigger egos. I need to keep myself in perspective by reminding myself that there are over seven billion people on this earth, and I am tremendously lucky to be where I am right now. No matter how much I achieve, I need to remind myself that I’m no “better” than anyone else. I don’t yet consider myself to be arrogant, but I must become humble as I journey through life, otherwise, my fears of becoming arrogant may become a reality.


When I look back at some of my failed projects, I sometimes wonder if I gave up on them too early. I often entertain the thought that, if I was persistent for just a little while longer and didn’t give up on my goals, my life could be completely different. Although I was quite a bit younger when I started those projects, I now realize that I had a habit of giving up on them as soon as I met any adversity. Since this realization, I have been actively working towards improving my persistence. When a persistent person gets knocked down, they get back up. Instead of being discouraged by adversity, I aim to use it as motivation to keep pushing forward. I want to wake up every day and be excited to get to work, especially when there are obstacles in my way.


Ah, patience… This one is going to be a tough trait for me to learn. If you asked my past self where he imagined himself being in 2019, he would likely go on about doing something meaningful, making “good money”, being surrounded by awesome people, and having an overall fulfilling life. For whatever reason, I expected everything to just “click” when I finished high school. When I finished, I was working towards my goals every day but was shocked at how long things were taking. The fact that I feel anxious about where I am in life proves that patience is something that I must learn. I’m 19 years old; no one expects me to be exactly where I want in life. So why do I put that pressure on myself? I’ve come to the realization that many of my expectations were unrealistic and that things take time; especially great things. However, I can’t expect “great things” to happen just by being patient. I need to work hard and be patient. It’s all about the long game.

And there we have it; my top five self improvement goals! Of course, my self improvement is far from restricted to just these traits. I plan on improving myself in every way that I can find! Hopefully, when I revisit this post in the future, I’ll have made some positive changes in order to reach my goals. Until then, I’ll keep working at it.