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Why You Should Create Adversity In Your Life

We've all heard how adversity can either make or break a person. With the right mental attitude, adversity can be a force that pushes you to achieve your highest goals. By choosing to embrace it rather than suffocating it, you have a better shot at reaching your full potential.

But what if you weren't ever bullied in school? What if you're part of a modest middle-class family? What if you weren't born with any physical disabilities or health issues? What if you grew up with two loving parents? What if money always came easily to you? What if you don't have any adversity to overcome and learn from?

Without some form of adversity, you can expect your personal growth to stagnate. If nothing is bothering you or causing you to struggle, your ambitions will likely stay as they are; just ambitions. It's like living life on easy-mode; there are no challenges or risks. Perhaps a lack of adversity is its own form of adversity that signals you to create some for yourself. So how do you create your own adversity? If you're crazy enough, it's easy!

Put yourself into a position where you are forced to grow. Make your life better by intentionally making it "worse". Every situation is different, so there's nothing I can recommend that will make sense for each person. Is there anything fulfilling yet difficult that you've wanted to do for a long time, but are never up for it? An irrational fear that you know you need to overcome? Or maybe you lack perspective and just need to throw yourself out in the world? It's going to be uncomfortable, but that's the point. By going out of your comfort zone, you build character, become more resilient, and are a better human being in general.

Cruising through life can be nice for a while, but you're not going to grow unless you give yourself a challenge. Sometimes, you just need to create your own adversity.